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FLUOROSEAL® Transparent Protective Coating for Painted Signs
and Outdoor Structures

  • Proven to extend the service life of outdoor signs and graphics from the typical 6-12 years to 30-50 years
  • Unique modified high fluorination transparent coating is field applicable as a brush or spray coating over any existing painted structures and surfaces
  • One of a kind protective coatings that combine the ability to block UV rays, moisture and salt-spray, and corrosive gases.
  • Molecular structure engineered to block UV A & UV AB while maintaining more than 97% visual transparency.
  • Boasts low Tg flexibility to minimize interfacial stresses and protect structures made with low CTE ceramics, metals, and higher CTE woods and plastics.

    UV energy from direct and indirect sun exposure, coupled with factors like seasonal temperature swings, moisture and salt-spray, acid rain, and corrosive gases can degrade even the best structural coatings just a few years.

    Most commonly used paints, inks, and supporting plastics, wood, and metallic structures are susceptible to color fading and structural degradation over time. These effects can be expedited depending on factors like temperature, humidity, UV rays, and other environmental elements such as industrial corrosive gases or salt-fog and salt-spray. These factors, along with many others, can all contributes to the color fading, coating integrity damage, and underlining structural decay.

    Painted and laminated signs and structures can have their clarity and colorfastness extended by 30-50 years with FLUOROSEAL® flexible transparent conformal coating.

    Cedar siding, wooden signs and structures can be protected from rain and UV color and integrity damage for 30-50 years with FLUOROSEAL® flexible transparent conformal coating.

    Painted and treated metal roofs, stone and ceramic statues and structures protected by flexible and transparent FLUOROSEAL® coatings have been proven to withstand direct sun, salt spray, and industrial corrosive gases penetration for 30-50 years of beauty and integrity.