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The proven strength and durability of reinforced concrete is the foundation of many of our most beautiful and long-lasting high-rise buildings and infrastructure.

The partial collapsed of the Champlain Towers South (a 12-floor condominium in Surfside, Florida) on June 24, 2021, shook the construction industry. There is now a call to revamp how high-rise buildings are to be constructed [1]. Even though new buildings and infrastructure are being constructed with redundancy and improved concrete, there are millions of buildings in existence that still face gradual concrete weakening and rebar corrosion concerns.

More frequent inspections and better testing or inspection methods have not been proven to help predict the vulnerability of the concrete structure after being exposed to years of carbonation and rebar corrosions to different degrees depending on their geo-zone and environmental locations.

AIT Coatings, a division of AI Technology, Inc., has developed a unique, field applicable modified PVDF coating solutions that can block all corrosive elements from penetrating the concrete to cause rebar corrosion, concrete carbonation, and other moisture-related weakening of the reinforced concrete. Thus, it can stop any further weakening of the concrete structure. This patent-pending coating provides relatively low cost, easy to implement protection and peace of mind for those who live and work inside these structures, as well as the engineers and government entities responsible for ensuring their safety. 

Where FLUOROSEAL® CRC modified PVDF concrete protection coating can benefit and extend the life of buildings and infrastructure most?

While all reinforced concrete structures can benefit from AIT FLUOROSEAL® CRC concrete protection coating, the following types of infrastructure are among the most vulnerable and would reap immediate benefits of preventing any further deterioration.

Building Lower Floors and Garages/Garage Buildings:

Tunnels Passing Under Water/Through Mountains:

Bridges Supported with Reinforced Concrete Foundations and Steel Superstructures:

Why reinforced concrete infrastructure and buildings weaken over time? Is there a method and coating that can stop block-off the deleterious factors and stop further degradation?

Why and how FLUOROSEAL® modified PVDF field applicable coating is able to block moisture laden with acidic and salt ions, and corrosive gases from penetrating into reinforced concrete:

[1] https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/miami-building-collapse-could-profoundly-change-engineering/