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The color of a metal roof fades over time because the chemicals in the paint's pigments start to break down from excessive exposure to the sun. While UV rays are a major contributing factor to fading, other factors include moisture, salty air, chemicals in the atmosphere, and acid rain.

Metallic, colorful, and artistic roofing are some of the longer lasting structural elements. The longer lasting coatings on these surfaces must be factory coated. But, AIT's FLUOROSEAL®  transparent conformal coating can be applied in the field with either brushing or spraying. It can easily extend the beauty of these roofing and structures by 30-50 years.    

Metal roofing, as well as ceramic and metal statues all are susceptible to the degrading effects of UV rays, acid rain, high moisture, and high and low temperature swings depending on weather zone. Direct horizontal UV exposure to roofing may degrade the painted metal surfaces in as few as 6 years and as much as 10-15 years if treated with modified PVDF and FEVE paints. 

Ceramics, stone surfaces, and other structures are not conducive to factory applied paints and coatings. Typical acrylic-based transparent coatings fade and degrade within a few years depending on the weather and UV zones.

FLUOROSEAL® from AIT, with its high fluorination molecular structure that exceeds the level of fluorination in the molecular structure of traditional PVDF and FEVE paints, has been proven to extend the life of these structures by 30-50 years. FLUOROSEAL® transparent UV protective coatings have also been proven to extend color brilliance and structural integrity as well as the best PVDF-based paints, even under direct sun in ZONE 1 UV intensity and weather.

Thermal expansion can cause a mismatch between heavily pigmented paints, that lose most of their molecular flexibility, and the metal or ceramic substrate. This makes the paint conducive to cracking and peeling. The built-in molecular flexibility in FLUOROSEAL® transparent coating is engineered and proven to extend the life of the aluminum, copper, and steel-based roofing and structure in cold weather, even when the paints have already experienced weather induced cracking and peeling. Along with its ability to block UV penetration, FLUOROSEAL® transparent protective coatings have been proven to provide effective protection, even in extreme temperature swing in ZONE 2 and 3.

FLUOROSEAL® transparent UV protective coatings are compatible with almost all acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, FEVE and PVDF-based paints and stains and can be directly applied.