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Corrosion Protection for Ships

Ships are regularly exposed to some of the most corrosive environments imaginable.

Damage from salt water below the ship's waterline, along with weathering from elements such as salt spray, fog, and UV rays can degrade the ship's structure over time.

AIT's line of FLUOROSEAL ® CPC corrosion protection coatings provide unmatched, field-applicable protection from such damage - above and below waterline. FLUOROSEAL ® is also proven to increase the time between maintenance periods, which means more operational days at sea.

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Protection for Concrete Buildings & Infrastructure

From high-rises and bridges to parking garages and tunnels, much of the world's infrastructure is constructed using reinforced concrete as a critical component.

These structures are susceptible to a wide variety of weathering elements. Acid rain, UV rays, moisture laden with salt ions, corrosive gases, and water ingress corroding the steel reinforcement bars, can degrade the concrete surface over time and weaken the overall structure.

AIT's line of FLUOROSEAL ® CRC concrete protection coatings provide field-applicable protection from such damage. Whether you're protecting a brand-new building or looking to keep an older structure from deteriorating even further, FLUOROSEAL ® provides a proven barrier against all of these damaging elements.

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