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  • Proven to extend the service life of outdoor signs and graphics from typical 6-12 years to over 50 years.
  • Modified high fluorination transparent polymer-based coating is field-applicable by brush or spray over any existing painted structures or surfaces.
  • One-of-a-kind protection combines the ability to block UV rays, moisture, and corrosive gases, while maintaining better than 97% transparency and exceptionally low Tg flexibility, which allows for the protection of structures made with either low CTE ceramics and metals or higher CTE woods and plastics.

Protect Against the Elements that cause Cracking, Fading and Structural Damage:

Many commonly used paints and inks, as well as their supporting plastic, wood, and metallic structures, are susceptible to fading and structural deterioration over time. These effects can be expedited based on variables like weather, temperature, humidity, and UV exposure. Environmental elements such as industrial corrosive gases or salt fog and salt spray from the sea also play a large factor.

Typically, the following environmental conditions can hasten the degradation process:

  1. High UV-A and UV-B intensity can cause damage to polymer (plastic)-based paints and inks, laminates, plastic, and wood structures and sidings on the molecular level.
  2. Acidic gases like sulfur dioxide, sulfides, nitric gases, and even high concentrations of carbon dioxide can cause metallic structures to degrade faster, even with suitable protective paints.
  3. Extreme temperature changes (winter to summer, daytime to nighttime) can accelerate the peeling and cracking of protective paints with substantial thermal expansion mismatches between the substrate and protective paints and laminates.

Some paints and inks can be formulated with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and other suitable inorganic pigments for better UV-resistance, but the polymers used to provide adhesion to the substrate are often acrylic, epoxy, or polyurethane-based. This means they have a limited ability to block UV energy from breaking down their molecular structures, which can allow moisture and corrosive gases to penetrate and cause gradual degradation to the metallic, wood, and plastic structures underneath.

While these UV-resistant paints and inks offer different degrees of protection, even the best are often limited to less than 12 years. 

FLUORSEAL®, a transparent protective coating by AIT Coatings (AI Technology, Inc.), is a scientific and engineering innovation from a company that's been trusted for over 40 years to provide adhesive and coating solutions for the electronics and aerospace industries.

FLUORSEAL® is one-of-a-kind, combining UV resistance while maintaining 97% optical transparency. In addition, its high-fluorination molecular structure has the extreme capability to block smaller moisture and corrosive gases molecules and its inherent low Tg flexibility conforms to and protects structures made with low CTE ceramics and metals, as well as higher CTE woods and plastics.